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ISO 9001

"The quality for dynamic market-responsive realities"

Certification services for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001

Certification services of Quality Management Systems ISO 9001, by now widely known and used by companies, is still an important instrument for the business organization: simple and in the meantime complete, it provides an accurate, rational and harmonious model that allows to face better the rapid changes imposed by the market.

ISO 9001 certification for a company or an organization is still synonymous of reliability and ability to meet the challenges of the market: in addition to being at least a "minimum requirement" of the most dynamic companies, it is not the heritage of the whole Italian productive reality and it is therefore still a distinctive symbol of attention to quality, service, products and customer relations.

ISO 9001 certification is still a precious instrument because:

  • It helps to identify incongruities and form errors that may undermine the efficiency of organizational models
  • It creates unique opportunities for discussion and exploration
  • It is an accurate and complete model of organization
  • It pays attention to the customer and his satisfaction
  • It allows to manufacture products and to provide services that meet the fixed quality requirements
  • It allows to aim for the continuous performance improvement


ICILA brand of CSI has a unique expertise in the areas of woodworking and furniture, components, construction, doors and windows, metal and plastic processing.

Thanks to his experience, it has also consolidated a method which allows it to present itself to the areas of paper processing and the chain of production of cellulose-based products and those of industrial services with the same industry expertise and competence, it has always provided to its customers.